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Claene Is


 We created Claene Organics to provide both natural and high performing feminine hygiene products that can be trusted. Since the teenage years, our founder suffered from painful PMS with headaches, back pain, bloating along with other symptoms. There were not a lot of feminine hygiene products in the market that could offer women safe and natural products. After learning that organic natural cotton could benefit her in minimizing the PMS symptoms, she decided to bring her own line of products to those who suffered like her. We believe every woman deserves proper period care by having access to safe menstrual products that can provide natural protection for their most intimate areas. Our pads and liners, being made from 100% certified organic cotton and other natural ingredients, may help reduce the risk of allergies and skin irritation by allowing the skin to breathe.


 Claene feminine hygiene products are biodegradable, free of harmful toxic chemicals that make it an advocate to women’s health but also be kind to our environment. Claene Organics empowers women to discover the value of real comfort and maintain their self-esteem during the time of possible discomfort. Our goal is to provide the best options and alternatives to those looking to make the best choices for their body and the environment. Together we can accomplish our mission of building a better future for women and the environment!