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By Holly Bartlow 

For a better you, for a better planet.

If you prefer using pads during your period no problem! By switching to our organic pads not only does it benefit you but it also benefits the environment. 

Your vagina is the most absorbent part of your body. Yes, you heard right. Meaning, whatever feminine products you’re using are being absorbed the fastest. Many tampons and pads contain chemicals like chlorine, rayon, polypropylene, and glyphosate just to name a few.  

This group of chemicals is also known as dioxins, a group of chemical compounds found in environmental pollutants. For many women, when these chemicals come into contact with sensitive skin irritation and allergic reactions may occur. Not only are dioxins a skin irritant, but they are carcinogenic. Meaning, the risk of cancer increases even if the level of exposure is minimal. 

Most conventional pads use polymers which is a non-biodegradable material, therefore when disposing of sanitary pads or tampons they will never disintegrate, leaving a forever negative footprint on our planet. 

So why organic? Organic cotton is produced without the use of additional chemicals or pesticides and is free of any of the chemicals listed above. 


Benefits of Organic Cotton

  • Many women report less cramping and lighter flows after switching to organic products.
  • Organic materials are more breathable than manmade fibers, creating less irritation. 
  • Better for your body by eliminating toxic chemicals. 
  • Protecting the planet by using easier decomposable materials. 
  • Cost affordable compared to conventional non-organic products.