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PMS Mood Swings

Do you often feel anxious or down during or before your period for no reason? Mood swings are prevalent and quite severe premenstrual symptoms, so don't worry. 


*photo credit: Thiago Matos


Why is this happening? 
Although there have been researches about why PMS strikes, no exact reason for this has been found. According to the researchers, these emotional changes are assumed to be connected to hormones' changes throughout the menstrual cycle. 
How should I deal with this then? 
Giving some changes to your lifestyle could lead to help you get better on emotional health. 
Exercise: Physical activity is connected to your emotions. Exercises, which require physical activity, can boost not only energy but also lif your moods. Don't harsh yourself with intense exercise, though. Light exercise such as stretching and yoga are good. 
Avoid caffeine: This may not sound too pleasing if you're a coffee-lover, but did you know that caffeine can increase nervousness and anxiety? With that said, staying away from caffeinated drinks like coffee may make a difference in your mood to go less up and down. 
Stressless: Can people today ever go stress-free? This may be the toughest to keep, but try to get relaxed by taking a deep breath and give yourself some break when you have that feeling you're about to run into any problems.