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When to USE Pads / Liners?

By Holly Bartlow 

With such a wide range of period products, it can start to get a little confusing choosing what’s best for you. At Claene, we’re here to set the record straight. 

Let’s start with the basics. Pads and liners are not the same things. Although they may look the same, they’re used for different needs. 


Like pads, liners stick to the inside of your underwear with an adhesive strip. However, liners are much thinner than pads and can be used daily. For example, liners are great for the end of your cycle where there are only small amounts of blood or spotting. 

Also, many women experience more daily discharge than others (this is completely normal everyone is different) and this is where a liner comes in handy. 

Common Uses for Panty Liners 

  • Vaginal discharge 
  • Backup for unexpected spotting 
  • Lighter flows at the beginning or end of the cycle 
  • Additional protection to using menstrual cups and tampons
  • Soaking up additional sweat from exercise 


Pads, like liners, also stick to the inside of your underwear. However, they are more absorbent and thicker than liners to handle a heavier flow. 

Common Uses for Pads 

  • Heavier flow at the beginning or idle of your cycle 
  • Used during sleep instead of tampons to avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome 
  • Sometimes used for incontinence