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Is it okay to wear Panty Liners everyday?

    Can I wear a panty liner daily basis?     

There are more women than expected who usually wear a panty liner every day, not during the menstrual period that comes once a month. Usually, the concept was that panty liners are used before and after menstruation, but why did you end up looking for panty liners a lot, even in everyday life?

The biggest reason is that women don't want the secretions to get into my underwear, so they wear panty liners. Women are constantly looking for a panty liner in that they don't have to worry about underwear just by wearing a panty liner that is thinner than a sanitary napkin and doesn't have much discomfort. But, is it okay to wear a panty liner every day in everyday life?

The panty liner itself is actually safe for vaginal health. According to Dr. Jessica Sheperd, a gynecologist, she wears a panty liner on a daily basis and with a change of up to every four hours. You should also choose products that do not contain fragrances or other harmful chemicals. However, if you use panty liners every day and don't use them wisely, there are risks that you will have to take.



1. Irritation

Wearing panty liners on a daily basis can irritate the vulva or the outside of the vagina in contact with the panty liner. This is because commercially available panty liners are usually not made of 100% cotton that is soft to the skin. As a result, friction with panty liners that occurs throughout the day has a greater risk of irritation than friction with soft underwear.

But, if you choose Claene panty liners, you don't have to worry about this. Claene is safe because it is made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton.


2.Vaginal Infection

A healthy vagina is from breathing and having enough air circulation. On the other hand, panty liners cannot provide air circulation to the vaginal area because the bottom attached to the underwear is made of “plastic”. Plastic blocks air circulation. As a result, the female area become moist due to the production of vaginal fluid and sweat. A damp, warm vagina is an ideal place for bacteria and fungi that cause vaginal infections.

So, can I wear panty liners every day?

If you want to use panty liners on a daily basis, make sure to use a panty liner made of 100% cotton and no plastic added to avoid the risk of vaginal infection. For those who wear panty liners every day for cleanliness, Claene 100% Organic Cotton Panty Liners are highly recommended!