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How To Keep Your Pads

How do you store your feminine hygiene products? Just anywhere in your bag? Your makeup pouch? Under your desk? Since it touches your skin of sensitive body parts, you would want to keep it as clean as possible. Let's take a look at what not to do and to do. 
1. Avoid humidity 
Because we use the pads in the bathroom, we often keep them in the bathroom for convenience. However, bathrooms are often full of humidity, and it may cause to contaminate the pads very easily. 
2. Avoid direct sunlight 
When a pad is left directly under the sun, it absorbs the environment's heat, which may cause the pad to be contaminated. 
3. Keep it cool 
Now we learned not to put them in the humid nor under sunlight; where should we keep them then? The answer would be in a dry place with shadow (or anything that blocks the direct sunlight). Now enjoy your dry and soft pads safely! 
4. Put in a clean bag 
Because most pads are wrapped individually, it's easy to think that it will be safe to put anywhere and often mix up with makeup items in the same bag. Feminine products are kept most clean in a separate, completely sealed bag instead of mixing up with any other items.