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How to get rid of acne in one day, 4 useful tips from acne experts

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Have you ever suffered from acne? The cause of acne is an over distribution of sebum and clogged pores. It usually occurs during puberty, but these days, it's the most stressful adults. It also happens frequently. It is said that one cause of acne may be hereditary. Here are some tips from many experts.


Step 1 Wash your face thoroughly

  1. The first thing to do to get rid of acne is to cleanse your face thoroughly.

Since acne is composed of bacteria that have penetrated the pores, washing your face thoroughly is a way to prevent acne. When washing the face, it is recommended to use a cleanser for acne skin and warm water to wash face with circling on the chin.
  1. Exfoliating

Remove dead skin cells once a week with an acne scrub. Exfoliation refers to gently peeling off dead cells that have accumulated in the epithelium in order to reveal a fresh, acne-free skin. Use a mild exfoliate and be careful not to rub too hard.

Step 2 Using astringent 

  1. Applying astringent to acne spots

Astringent contract and tighten the skin. Acne treatments on the market are used to eliminate acne and make skin clean. Astringent contains various antibacterial and biological components. If you want to make your skin clean in a short time, you can use Astringent. You can see the effect the fastest.

  1. Using benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is used to kill acne-causing bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide comes in various concentrations, but 2.5% is more effective than 5-10%. Less irritating to the skin Benzoyl peroxide peels off dead skin cells and makes the skin bright and vibrant.

  1. Using salicylic acid

Like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid is also used to kill acne-causing bacteria. Salicylic acid allows skin cells to be replaced more quickly and helps new skin to heal. After washing your face and before going to sleep, apply a little Salic acid to the acne area and sleep.

  1. Using natural ingredients

If the products on the market are burdensome or sensitive skin, there is also a method to make and use your own. Some foods we eat or foods that contain astringents helps get rid of it quickly. For example, banana peel is helpful for insect bites and mosquito bites, and is good for reducing the size of large pimples. You can see the effect by gently rubbing the banana peel on the acne.

Step 3 Using home remedies 

  1. Waiting for acne

Rub the area with ice until there is no sensation on the pimpled area. When you start to feel nothing on the area, stop rubbing. Repeat this to constrict blood vessels to reduce the size of pores, and it can alleviate the pain.

  1. Using tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an antibacterial essential oil that can kill the microbes that live in your pores. Use an eye dropper to apply tea tree oil on a cotton swab and apply it to acne. Claene Acne Concealing Patch is made with tea tree oil.



  1. Using aspirin

Put the crushed aspirin in water and make it like a paste, then apply it to the acne with a cotton swab. Let it dry. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory, so it can subside inflammation and no longer cause acne.

  1. Applying toothpaste

The toothpaste contains a substance called silica. Silica is a desiccant in jerky bags. Sleeping with a little bit of toothpaste can make the size of acne a writer.

Tip) Toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpaste may irritate the skin more, so check before applying.


Step 4 Other treatment methods 

  1. Get a good sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to hormonal changes, leading to more acne. So, let's get to sleep in advance to take care of your hormonal status.

  1. Remove stress

It may be difficult, but find a way to relieve stress and balance your body. Try not to be shaken.

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo

The cause of acne is sebum in your hair. Change your pillow often and keep your face and hair as clean as possible.

  1. Exercise

Exercise makes blood circulation smoother. If blood circulation is smooth, the health of the skin improves, and it helps to get rid of acne.

  1. Acne treatment

You can get a better effect when combined with helping to get rid of the above acne. The medicine can be decided in consultation with the pharmacist.

     5. Simply attach Claene Acne Patch after washing face 



 Bottom Line

- Never pop or peel acne. It helps germs spread.

- Try not to put your hands on your face as much as possible.

- Do not let your hair touch your face.

- Apply lemon juice to quickly remove acne scars.

- Do not darken your makeup.


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