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Craving Sweets During Your Period?

Chocolates, cakes, candies - does it sound good to you right now?

Due to hormone changes and a drop in blood sugar levels, you may crave sweets during your period and feel guilty about it. Or you may also worry that eating sweets might worsen your cramp - you wouldn't want that to happen. 
Over amounts of sugars surely are unhealthy whether or not you are on your period. Let's try fruits in three different ways for healthier yet delicious alternatives to sweets! 
*photo credit: Any Lane
Fresh fruit 
We all know that fresh fruit is naturally sweet and beneficial to your body with many vitamins. Unlike processed sweets, fruits are usually low in calories but high in fiber. It even hydrates your mouth and body (but don't forget to drink enough water as well)! 
Dried fruit 
It's easy to find various dried fruits in the market, and you could choose your favorite fruit. During the process of drying the fruits, however, sugars become more concentrated than fresh fruit. Its chewy texture and convenience might make you unstoppable, so be mindful of that!
Frozen fruit 
Just like dried fruit, you can find almost any kind of frozen fruit in the grocery store. With a scoop of frozen fruits, you can easily and quickly make simple snacks such as yogurt, smoothie, and sorbet- all you need to do is just blend with some milk! 
When you crave sweets and don't want to feel bad for your body, treat yourself with these healthy and nutritious choices!