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Acne Getting Worse Before and After Menstruation

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Six out of ten women who experienced acne were found to have more severe acne symptoms before and after menstruation. With the thinnest skin, the dry chin was the area where menstrual acne was the most.


What part of face? 

According to a dermatologist communion research, an online survey was conducted on 1,000 women who recently experienced acne (rash) symptoms. As a result, 65% of respondents answered that even if there is no acne usually, it usually occurs before and after menstruation. The area where acne mainly occurs was around the chin in 68%, followed by cheeks 32%, forehead 22%, and nose area 17%. 69% of those who experienced menstrual acne said that they had acne repeatedly in the same area. When acne occurs before and after menstruation, the countermeasure was to leave it alone (39%), squeeze it by hand (31%), and apply cosmetics for acne (20%).

Even women who do not have acne can cause skin problems due to sudden hormonal changes before and after menstruation. If the secretion of a female hormone called progesterone increases according to the menstrual cycle, it stimulates the sebaceous glands to increase sebum secretion, and the regeneration rate of epidermal cells decreases, resulting in pimples.


Get Healthy Lifestyle/Good Eating Habits 

If acne occurs frequently, you should pay attention to your eating habits and lifestyle. In summer, sweat, skin secretions, and dirt can clog pores, so you need to wash your face thoroughly while reducing irritation on your face.

If the cleansing oil used to remove dark makeup remains on the skin, it clogs pores and causes acne, so you should pay more attention to cleansing after use.

When acne occurs, don't squeeze or touch it with your hands to prevent it from getting worse due to germs, but gently attach Claene Organics Acne Patch, and let it take care of you. 

Women's appetite increases during menstruation, resulting in increased intake of high-sugar foods such as chocolate and sweets. However, high sugar foods should be avoided because they stimulate sebum secretion and worsen acne.


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