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8 Tips For Your Easiest Period Ever

  1. Medicine: Trust, but do not overuse  

First of all, you can rest assured that the ibuprofen-based pain relievers used for menstrual pain are relatively proven effective and stable. In addition, it has the effect of reducing the amount of menstrual blood as well as pain relief.

However, the effects applied to each constitution differ, as well as excessive overuse can strain the liver. Take about one tablet a day, when you need to change the sanitary pad. Women with gastrointestinal disorders are advised to consume food after activating the stomach in advance.

2. Edema: Eat foods with diuretic substances

During the menstrual period, a woman feels a little swollen. Of course, it is subtle enough to be difficult to detect by the people around him, but it presents both physical pain and mental stress to the person concerned. Menstrual pain medications contain a certain number of diuretics, but it is better to cover them with food. Corn whiskers, pumpkins, and watermelons can help.

3. Coffee Shop: Let's drink tea, not coffee

If the moment comes when you have to talk in a cafe, what can you drink? Be aware that caffeine-based drinks can make menstrual cramps more sensitive in some cases. Ginger tea, and angelica tea are known to be good for relieving menstrual pain. In addition, motherwort tea is known to have the effect of releasing blood stagnation in the uterus. On the other hand, avoid teas that have cool properties like green tea.

4. Exercise: Let's walk first

Many women have experience of relieving menstrual pain through constant exercise. Reducing your intake of lactose-added foods can also help you balance your body properly. Lose weight and relieve menstrual pain. However, strenuous exercise may worsen the situation, so it is better to refrain from excessive exercise.

5. Sanitary napkins: Be careful about choosing a sanitary pad

Women experience unpleasant dampness due to prolonged use of sanitary pads for approximately 4 days to 1 week. This ‘wetness' caused by a damp pad is not only unpleasant, but it also rubs and rubs the Y-zone skin, making women more hate the day they hate. In addition, the collaboration between “wet” and “wet” will be strengthened as the day gets hotter... Women will be terrible.

In order to relieve the pain of that day, use our organic Claene pad and overnight. You won't be afraid of your menstrual days anymore.

6. Nutritional Supplements: Eat Iron

If you feel the symptoms of anemia due to the discharge of menstrual blood, iron intake through anemia medications is essential. However, iron powder is effective only when taken alone.

7. Relax: Let's get a massage

The basic principle of coping with menstrual cramps is to warm your summer stomach. However, if you take a half body bath, you may rather lose too much sweat and dizziness with moisture. Rather, an indirect method of promoting blood circulation through massage is helpful.

Let's warm the stomach using a hot pack that feels cold on the stomach. It is safe to put the hot pack indirectly on top of light clothing, as it can directly induce skin.

8. Fashion: Avoid Tight Clothes

Of course, style is important, but avoid tight clothing such as leggings or skinny as it can interfere with blood circulation and increase menstrual cramps.


            Thank you for reading :)