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3 Interesting Facts About Periods

3 things what will happen during periods

1. Change in body temperature

Why does women body temperature rise more than usual when periods comes? This is due to the effects of hormones. According to Deborah Liberman, a female specialist, when progesterone levels go down, estrogen plummets and then rises, causing the hypothalamus to stop functioning properly. The thermoregulatory in the brain is controlled by a body temperature that goes up to the point where it goes wrong, and it makes women sweat. One interesting fact is that the real body temperature rises only when menstruation begins, and some people experience this change in body temperature before menstruation. Even when you ovulate, your body temperature rises subtly, but it's enough to notice the change. The rise in body temperature is a result of the production of progesterone.


2. Ache

Progesterone triggers a variety of reactions throughout a woman's body. This is true of a painful or swollen chest, or a body that is heavier or lighter than usual. According to the research published in Journal Heart, about two-thirds of all women feel chest pain during menstruation, and it is very normal. Progesterone causes fluid retention and slows the activity of the large intestine more than usual, making women feel full. Other symptoms include acne, mood swings, and fatigue. For some women, a large decrease in estrogen can also lead to migraines and insomnia.


3. Diarrhea

Even though women suffers from constipation for a few days just before menstruation, women stool more often during menstruation. Women body makes a natural substance called Prostaglandins just before menstruation, especially right before menstruation, and the interesting side effect is constipation. Prostaglandins contract muscles in organs. However, once menstruation begins, it becomes loose again. That's why it's often difficult to stool.


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