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3 Good Foods to Enhance Estrogen

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 Body difference between men and women 

The female body is much more complex than the male. The difference between men and women in the form of a child is not huge and looks similar, but after adolescence around the age of 14 after the first sexual characteristics, secondary sexual characteristics appear more different between men and women. From menarche to pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and child-raising, women undergo more physiological and anatomical changes than men. Female hormones such as estrogen are deeply involved in the process of a woman's body undergoing such various changes..


Estrogen is the key to women's health 

Estrogen, a female hormone, is made by changes from testosterone, a male hormone. As the puberty passes, the rate at which testosterone is converted to estrogen gradually increases, and female hormones increase, and estrogen gradually decreases with age. Estrogen is responsible for health in a woman's body that undergoes various changes throughout her life. However, lack of this estrogen can threaten life and health in an instant.

If female hormones are insufficient, the metabolism is not smooth, so cold hands and feet, sudden weight gain, redness, sweating, and other symptoms may appear, and may even lead to psychological depression. In particular, when entering the menopausal period, the female hormone in the body rapidly decreases due to the deterioration of ovarian function, so management is more important than ever. These days, even young women have symptoms of lack of female hormones by disrupting hormone metabolism due to excessive diet or incorrect health information.


You can't stay healthy with one or two foods 

Just changing the food you eat and your mindset can be of great help to your health. Foods that are beneficial to women's health should be able to help estrogen action, and should be rich in dietary fiber to facilitate digestion and excretion. Also, it should warm the body and aid circulation, and should have excellent detoxification and antioxidant activity with balanced nutrients.

The most important of these is even nutrient intake. There are many women who concentrate on eating certain foods that are good for the body, and in order to balance the body, it is important to evenly consume high-quality ingredients with various nutrients.

Top 3 Good Foods for Women 

1. One of the best foods for women is pumpkin. Pumpkin is an indispensable food for correcting hormone metabolism in our body and for detoxification. Since the citrulline component in the gourd has the effect of excreting body wastes into the urine and reducing swelling, since ancient times, mothers took pumpkin juice to relieve the swollen body. In addition, lignan, a natural estrogen component rich in pumpkin seeds, and linolenic acid, a type of omega-3 fatty acid, are particularly beneficial for women.


2. The second key food is germinated bark beans. Soybean sprouts that have just started to sprout are condensed with abundant nutrients. When soybeans germinate, the content of genistein, a plant estrogen, is highest. In addition, isoflavones contained in soybeans activate collagen metabolism. Collagen is an essential ingredient that exerts an effect on spots and wrinkles, and the isoflavones of soybeans activate this action, making the skin beautiful and healthy. The anthocyanins in the black skin of bark beans are antioxidants that help control cell damage.


3. Finally, there is a sweet and plump pomegranate. The amount of estrogen produced by the ovaries for life is small enough to fit in a teaspoon.

In pomegranate, there is a large amount of physical estrogen, especially because it is an estrogen (estrone estradiol) that has the same steroid structure as that made in the human body. Since pomegranate's plant estrogen is contained in large amounts in the seeds and skins, it is better to eat the whole skin and seeds rather than just the flesh.